Client Testimonials

As the founder and CEO of a large sales agency, I entrust our business’ legal affairs to the Sales Commission Enforcers. The results have been outstanding and consistent. Lead counsel Scott Sanders has strongly promoted our legal rights, and garnered us long term contract protection. In one instance, he was able to negotiate a 2 year guaranteed contract for us, with a pay out worth $4.5 million, all in the wake of our principal threatening to cancel! Scott is also a key part of our senior management team whom we turn to for simple solutions when we just need a quick answer to complicated negotiations that help us keep our edge.
Frank B., Walnut Creek, CA


I contacted Scott Sanders, of the Sales Commission Enforcers, after several other law firms turned me away with large retainer fee requests or by advising me that I had no case. Sanders, conversely, brought some novel legal theories to the equation, that the other lawyers failed to mention, and took my case with no up front legal fees. Within a very short time, he settled the case in front of a professional mediator, and I recovered a large settlement check from my former principal. As an independent one man agency I would have been barred from pursuing my case, if I had not met Mr. Sanders, and the Sales Commission Enforcers.
Dave G., Northern, CA


When I was concerned about getting bled to death, legally, in undertaking a case against my multi billion dollar principal, Scott M. Sanders was very flexible with his retainer fee requirements. With limited out of pocket costs to my agency, Sanders was able to file suit in our local Federal Court in Hartford; and within short order leveraged my former principal to pay a substantial settlement well in excess of what my agency could have negotiated without his assistance. His knowledge in this field is obvious upon even the first phone call, and the results bear this out.
John A., CT


We are a small agency focusing on … We have never really had a budget for legal counsel, but have been lucky to avoid the need. Until recently, that is, when a principal for whom we had been cultivating sales and setting up markets for 15 months terminated us, midstream, ironically in the same month we landed the first long term order. Worse yet, they offered no post termination commissions for these future sales we had structured. Having never signed a contract… we did not think we had much of a case for post termination commissions. We were wrong. Looking for legal guidance… and considering our limited funds, we were urged by colleagues of a larger agency to seek the advice of The Sales Commission Enforcers. We were quite surprised to find that their attorneys had several different viable legal theories for us. Within about 5 months, they had settled our case for a substantial sum. We never had to do anything other than to provide a very limited amount of documentation of exchanged emails, etc. in order to file a complaint in court, which the Sales Commission Enforcers handled with only minimal involvement on our end. We could not have reached this favorable result without their expertise, and willingness to work within our tight budget. I hope our agency never needs legal help to get our proper compensation again; but if we do, there is only one firm I will contact – the Sales Commission Enforcers.
C.M., Laguna Beach, CA


I am the owner of a medium sized sales agency and distributorship in Georgia, which seems to run in to occasional legal problems with a limited group of our principals. Scott Sanders, and his associates in the Sales Commission Enforcers, have on many occasions over the years counseled me and litigated my agency’s disputes, even flying to Atlanta for court proceedings. We have been 100% successful to date in obtaining settlements with the help of these lawyers…
Mike F., LaGrange, GA


The Sales Commission Enforcers and my law firm have teamed up a number of times to resolve legal disputes for their sales agent clients in my home State of Pennsylvania. We have together resolved all their client’s lawsuits via settlement. Scott Sanders, lead litigator with the SCE, is highly knowledgeable in this field. Scott’s insight, earned through years of representing sales agents, was an invaluable aspect of our joint successes…
Joe B. Esq. , Audubon, PA


I am a business litigator practicing in New England, and have worked with Scott Sanders several times. We recently settled a mid six figure damage case for a local sales agent after only very limited legal proceedings. That was due to Scott’s tried and tested legal theories and leverage techniques, which had a daunting affect on opposing counsel and their client.
Andy K. Esq., Hartford, CT