Sales Commission Enforcers FAQ

Our firm’s average time for settlement of a case is approximately 6 months. With the preparation beforehand, a full jury or court trial can take 18 months or slightly longer.

Not always. We are often able to negotiate a settlement for our clients without filing suit.

Generally, not at all since most court appearances require attorneys and Judge only. If the matter goes to trial, then several court appearances will be required, including the trial.

We are sometimes best able to assist agents in avoiding lawsuits through counseling and assistance with negotiating, either behind the scenes or directly with the principal. Many times lawsuits can be avoided with knowledgeable, hard (but fair) negotiating tactics.

In a full trial scenario any where between what you are contractually owed (including your reasonable attorney’s fees to prove your case) and up to three times what is owed, under certain State law.

We have retainer agreements including: those with no out of pocket costs to our clients (contingent fee agreements); hourly fee agreements at our established hourly rates; and hybrids of the two.

We assign one lead attorney (and their legal assistant) to your matter; so there is always someone directly available and answerable to you. On more complex and time consuming matters and procedures we assign a second attorney and assistant, as needed.

Our headquarters are in Southern California; but we work, through our established network of out of state counsel, in all states.